• To provide examples of how we can; as a collective; create a World where all may have equal opportunity to thrive in harmony with nature. To create a virtual and physical platform(s) that provides the structure and container for the unification of ‘new earth’ practices and systems (practices and systems for Regenerative Thriving Life for All on Earth) in formation by and through active co-creation of the collective.
  • Create physical new earth models through co-creation and participation of the Rising Collective and partners. This will in time happen in multiple locations. These spaces then open up to showcase and teach the wider public through hosting Rising Collective gatherings and workshops once or multiple times per year; to facilitate and aid the continual growth of these spaces and projects and providing an immersive experience for all participants.
  • Empower spaces and people
    • Creating virtual and physical platforms for people to express their passions; skills and knowledge. Creating opportunities for all participants to play their unique role in making the World a better place.
    • Teach and practice Self reliance; how to grow food; harvest and store water; energy etc
    • Regenerate the natural environment
    • Beautify and uplift spaces
    • Build earth friendly infrastructure
    • Learn to live harmoniously with each other and environment
    • Offer Personal and collective healing and empowerment
    • Develop; Utilise and showcase technology that is good for us and the planet
    • Seeding positive change through celebration and co-creation
    • Promote and support the work of artists; individuals; organizations and businesses in alignment with the good of the planet and its inhabitants.
    • Encouraging peer to peer (stranger to new friend) skill and knowledge sharing
  •  Build and Grow community
    • Virtually through the online platform and
    • Physically by developing land for communities such as eco villages/micronations/communal gardens/spaces and intentional communities of various sizes.
    • Unifying all who are rising and willing to create the changes humanity and earth needs to thrive
    • Creating and weaving a resilient network of all that are rising for trade; sharing resources; skills; knowledge and mutual support. Creating the flow of energy between the nodal points.
    • Teaching nonviolent communication; authentic relating.
    • Fostering social connection that is not based solely on consumption; intoxication and spectatorship but on co-creation; participation and connecting through our passions; skills and service to the greater whole. 
  • Practicing; Exploring and upgrading systems of governance/collective decision making; trade & economy; law by practicing it within the Rising Collective spaces.
  • Be an Umbrella Organization to build the network; promote; showcase and collaborate with various businesses; organizations; projects and products that are part of creating thriving life for All.
  • Create Sovereign Micro nations and citizens. Full time Rising Collective homeland(s) will develop each element into a center to host their respective services; needs and passions; creating nodes for innovation and interconnection of relevant information. Some lands just like people will naturally tend towards focusing on a certain element.

Water: we will have a healing and empowerment center and sacred silence sanctuary

Earth: we will have an Earth school; greenhouse; nurseries etc

Wood: we will have workshop spaces and tool shed

Air: we will have trade stalls; education spaces and media outlets

Metal: tech rooms and laboratory 

Fire: will have art gallery; studios; performance; music and dance creation spaces

Spirit: will be a nexus point(s); a central gathering and meeting space;  kitchen and dining area